Book of regulations for
the 2024 season.



Registration for the 2024 season.


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*For the 2024 season, events will take place “RAIN OR SHINE”.
(Unless the weather is “dangerous” for pilots.)
Prices for events held in the rain may be reduced by half (the decision to do so will be at the discretion of the promoter)
* Pro division purse: 1st = $5000 – 2 nd = $2000 – 3rd = $1000
* Pro-Am division purse: 1st = $1000 – 2 nd = $700 – 3rd = $300
* The windshield banner and doorsname will be given to you at Tech when your inspection is approved. Only one set will be given to you during your inspection, if you want to purchase another set, a fee of $40/each will be charged for replacement.
*At all events you will need to check in with our staff at the entrance to the pits. When you first register, you will receive your access pass as well as that of your teammates (3 for Pros, 2 for Pro-Am). It is mandatory to bring it to each round (a $10 fee will be charged for replacement in the event of loss).
* Registration fees per event are ($400/Pro and $200/Pro-Am) and are payable at the door or online, additional team members will have to pay regular entry to enter ($45).
* The champion of the previous season will be able to register without registration fees for the championship of the current season.
* We will have a tire machine on site, $5 will be required per tire for change. The rims you use must be without tires for installation. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO RECOVER ALL YOUR USED TIRES.
* You must respect the pit entry schedule, the timetable will be published on the DMCC Drivers group (if you are not in this group we will add you) as well as on our various social networks Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
* Pits will be open to the public and access will be limited when the track is hot. Except for the team truck and trailer. NO OTHER VEHICLES WILL BE ACCEPTED IN THE PITS ON ANY TRACK.
* You have two media accesses per pilot (administration fee of $50/each for the season). They will have to complete a media accreditation request on our website in the form section
* We offer you the opportunity to promote your sponsors by sharing your photos, your publications, the progress of your projects and we will follow up on events on our various networks, which is why we demand respect in your publications in the face of the series and our staff under penalty of expulsion.


Q=Qualification F=Final T=Total

1 = 100 PTS 1 = 5 PTS
2 = 88 PTS 2 = 4 PTS
3 = 80 PTS 3 = 3 PTS
4 = 76 PTS 4 = 2 PTS
5-8 = 68 PTS 5-32 = 1PT*
9-16 = 58 PTS
17-32 = 48 PTS

* Point awarded if the driver qualifies depending on whether it is a top 32,16 or top 8.

For any questions or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us .
Thank you for your involvement and have a good 2024 season!